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Capri Theatre • 1045 E Fairview Ave • Montgomery, AL 36106 • 334.262.4858

The Capri Theatre is in the heart of the Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery. It is owned and operated by the Capri Community Film Society, Inc., a non-profit organization.


Clover Theatre • Opening Day, 1941

Opened in July of 1941 as the Clover Theatre, it is now the longest continually operating movie theatre in Alabama.

The Clover was remodeled and became the Capri Theatre in December of 1962.

Originally built as part of the Wilby-Kincey chain, the Clover/Capri has had many owners and operators over the years. Finally in 1982,a group of neighbors formed the Capri Community Film Society to save the theatre. Their opportunity arose when the theatre was raided and closed by the district attorney  who objected to it being a softcore porn theatre.Fearing the loss of their cherished, but rundown, neighborhood theatre, the Capri Community Film Society took over the lease and operate the Capri Theatre.

Over the years the struggling non-profit  managed to keep the theatre operating thanks to donations and memberships - and the work of its volunteer Board of Directors. During that time the theatre developed a reputation for its eclectic blend of Independent, Foreign, Popular and Classic films. Other groups, often with the support of the Capri, have aspired to similar programming, but none have successfully operated a full-time art house in a historic movie theatre.




  • Todd Kirk - President - Todd Kirk is a Functional Systems Analyst with the State of Alabama working in the Department of Human Resources.  He is a lifelong resident of Montgomery and a community activist associated with several endeavors and a strong advocate for Midtown Montgomery.  He and his husband, Jonathan, live in Old Cloverdale.
  • Stephanie Hill - Treasurer/Secretary
  • Richard Armstead  Richard Armstead, a Montgomery native, has lived in Cloverdale since graduating from college.  As a theatre/movie lover, the Capri has been a special place for him.  He’s taught for 33 years, the last eight years at Montgomery Academy.
  • Leura Canary
  • Betsy Hails-Montgomery native Betsy Barrett Hails spent her early years traveling throughout Europe and the US with her Air Force family. She is a contemporary realist painter with a degree in Fine Arts from Auburn university. She and her husband Eddie have one adult son and daughter.
  • Wilbur Hill
  • JC Love – J C Love is an attorney with Rushton, Stakely, Johnston & Garrett, P.A.  J C is a life-long resident of Montgomery.  His wife, Porcia, is a dermatologist with River Region Dermatology & Laser, P.C.  J C and Porcia live in East Montgomery.  They have two young daughters, Caroline and Catherine.
  • Joseph McCorkle – Joe McCorkle practices law with Balch & Bingham LLP. He is a (nearly) lifelong resident of Montgomery. He and his wife Tammy live in Cloverdale. They have three adult sons.
  • Jared Morris  Jared Morris grew up in Montgomery and has fond memories of the Capri. After graduating from Yale Law School and working a few years at a law firm in New York, he returned home several years ago and now works for the Retirement Systems of Alabama.
  • Jackie Trimble – Jacqueline  Allen Trimble is a professor of English, chairperson of the Department of Languages and Literatures at Alabama State University, and an award-winning writer.  She and her husband Joseph were Capri board members and volunteers in the late 1980's b.k. (before kids--three of them).
  • Pam Wideman - Pam Wideman has been a small business owner for almost 30 years. She has offices in Birmingham, Daphne and Montgomery. With her son taking over the day-to-day operations, she and her husband, Craig Stephan, have more time to travel and enjoy the five grand children.

In 2010 the Capri was unexpectedly put up for sale by its landlord. The Film Society had to conduct its biggest fundraising effort to date in order to purchase the building. The fundraising was successful and the Society was able to purchase the building in 2010, and own it free and clear by 2013.

Just in time for the conversion to digital.

The conversion to digital cinema was a major threat to the smaller theatres of America. Investments of up to $100,000 per screen to convert wiped out many small theatres and drive-ins, and strained the budget of many more. The Capri was no exception. But, once again, the people of Montgomery and fans of the Capri rallied to its support. The Capri conducted what was then the biggest Kickstarter campaign in Montgomery. The "DCI or DIE" campaign raised the money necessary to purchase and install a digital projector and supporting system. The Capri was saved once again.

The installation of the digital projector does not mean the Capri abandoned 35mm film. Although few current films are available on actual 35mm film, the theatre does occasional screenings of classic movies when prints are available.



Renovating The Capri • 2016

With the ownership of the building secured, and the conversion to digital achieved, the Film Society was, after 30 years, ready to refurbish the theatre itself.

The Capri Theatre had not had a major renovation since its transformation to the Capri in 1962. The infrastructure was challenging - 1941 electrical and plumbing. The restrooms were inadequate and design flaws from the 1940's and 1960's affected the operation of the theatre.

In 2014 the Capri launched its first ever capital campaign - Lighting the Heart of Cloverdale. Again, the people of Montgomery supported the Capri with over $800,000 in pledges and donations, allowing the theatre to do complete major renovations in time for its 75th Anniversary.

There is still much work to do to the Capri, and the Film Society is gearing up to get it done. As always, the Capri needs your support to survive and prosper. Come to the movies. Become a member. And support the Capri Community Film Society.



Members: $8.00
Non-Members: $10.00
Children (Under Age 12): $4.00
Ticket Booth (10 Tickets): $75.00


Fri, Sat & Sun: 5:00 & 7:30
Sunday thru Thursday: 7:30 Only
(Subject to change for special events & presentations)


The Capri features a full range of concessions including beer & wine. 
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